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Power Play in Your Sex Life

Do you know what the latest growing trend is in America’s lovemaking circles? If you open your eyes you’ll see hints of it in the body ornaments and body piercing fads all around you. Ever noticed all those fashions featuring lots of leather and latex? What could all this mean? It means that S and M (that’s right sadomasochism) and B and D (bondage and discipline) is what’s hot. You’ve got it! Students, secretaries, customer service reps, maybe even your relatives or your boss are really masters, mistresses, and/or slaves at heart. If you’re really into it, S and M can be one of the ‘safest’ forms of sex around. So now you think you’re surrounded by degenerates and sickos? You think S and M belongs out there with homosexuality and fetishism and things that are just too weird and abnormal to accept? Well, think again – guys, when you make love to your girlfriend and you give her a little slap on the butt and she asks you to do it a little harder, that’s S and M. And, ladies, when you are at the point of no return, you’re climaxing, don’t you sometimes dig your fingernails into his back? I thought so, that’s S and M too. Do you enjoy that extra nipple stimulation, so rough that it has to hurt just a little to feel good? Yes, S and M again. How about when he tells you all those nasty things he wants to do to you? And don’t you feel a little humiliated when he calls you a whore or a slut during sex? That’s B and D. When you blindfold your lover and tease him or her with sexual anticipation, it’s all a form of B and D. If you’ve ever been in any of these common situations, then you are into S and M or B and D without even knowing it. And, by adding some knowledge of the S and M arts to your lovemaking, you can get a reputation for being a little more sophisticated than that other person they’ve been dating. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on paraphernalia. See those clothespins? Thought they were just for the laundry? Well, think again. How about clamping those on her nipples for extra stimulation, or on her clitoris, or put one on her labia and stretch them out of the way, the better to orally service her. Ladies, those scarves you use for your hair can also be used to tie up or be tied down with. Maybe even as a blindfold. That belt around his waist, do you think it’s only for holding his pants up? A word of caution should be mentioned here, especially as these kinds of household items lend themselves to spontaneity among beginners, or casual sex partners. Even though S and M can provide some of the least risky sexual outlets in this day and age, it is also not entirely out of the long shadow of AIDS. If the two of you get so enthusiastic so as to draw blood, even just a drop from a welting, then the exchange of bodily fluids that can transfer the HIV virus is possible. Especially if this is with a new, or newer partner and the S and M activity is part of foreplay, all procedures for safe sex must be observed. The pain level of men and women is a gradual thing and varies significantly with the individual. It is never a good idea to presume that any slave automatically is capable of living up to your standards. The slave – even when losing control, remains in control, and must tell the dominant where their comfort level lies. To this end, code words are very important: For example the words, red, yellow and green. The reason for this is, when rape fantasies or other violating scenarios are being acted out, the slave will often say ‘stop’ when she really means ‘go’. By using code words that mean the same thing – like red for stop, yellow for maybe or green for go, both master and slave can reach the same understanding without disturbing the fantasy. Bondage: a popular favorite of the ladies, whether you bind with toilet paper, rope, or handcuffs that feeling of helplessness can’t be beat. Try adding a blindfold or a collar and leash to complete the role-playing.

nothing beats a good whipping, and both men and women enjoy it. The type of whip you use should be directly related to your slave’s ‘pain tolerance level.’ Be careful not to whip on the back (it can be harmful if the kidney area is hurt) so keep spanking to the buttocks unless your slave asks you to whip them in a specific spot.

the majority of B and D enthusiasts get off on verbal humiliation as well as bondage. The master or mistress may insult the slave by criticizing the size of their sex organs, demanding obedience, and threatening unbearable pain. Be careful because words can be more damaging than any sex toy, and only if the partners can differentiate between ‘sex talk’ and ‘day to day talk’ should they indulge in

Masks and Hoods:
It is a small step from blindfolds to the sort of leather mask that covers the face. Normally, these hoods have zippers for the mouth, which can affect breath control. Any mechanism used to control the breathing of another human being can lead to fatal results and should be cautioned. Occasionally gas masks are used in extreme S and M cases to control the amount of oxygen leading to the brain which in my opinion is a ‘death wish’ on the part of the slave.

Tit Play:
While guys also can enjoy a good bite, and some heavy pinching, let’s face it, women just have more to work with. Breast bondage is very popular, and there are several pre-made items (such as bras with sharp little points to bite the flesh) to spare you from having to learn the ropes. Of course the nipples get most of the attention; by using nipple clamps they can be elongated, and if your slave has pierced nipples, you can attach a charm through them.

Cock and Ball Torture:
cock rings (which traps the blood in the penis, so that he will last longer) and other erectile enhancers lend themselves well to restraining toys. The ‘Seven Gates of Hell’ with its succession of seven increasingly smaller rings is noteworthy. If the penis is pierced, you can attach a chain and pull on the foreskin whenever he’s been a bad body. There are restraints available for the balls as well, allowing for weights to be attached.

Regardless, how involved in S and M you decide to become, there are some important points to remember for having better sex. All of us are dominant and submissive to some degree (are you a top or a bottom or maybe a little of both?). If you are a ‘top’ then you crack the whip. If you’re a ‘bottom’ and you know which bottom we’re talking about, then you’re one of those people who think it’s better to receive than to give, and you get what you deserve. Finally, here’s a little thought on S and M and B and D which I think sums up the whole subject rather nicely: it is frequently said that only someone who has been a good slave can be a good master!

Funky, Fun and Funny Father’s Day Finds

Traditional Father’s Day gifts include presents such as Slippers and Socks, gifts more suitable for your Grandad than your Dad. Unsurprisingly, these gifts can make men feel old. Show your dad how fun and young he is in your eyes by getting him a funky, fun and funny Father’s Day finds. This isn’t as difficult as you might think there are many quirky, funny gifts available online that are suitable for dads.

Most men like to think they have a superb sense of humour, so show him how much you appreciate it by getting him novelty or funny Father’s Day gifts. More importantly, novelty gifts are often highly reasonably priced, so he won’t be the only one that’s laughing! You can buy funny items that will make his day for under a fiver! Make him feel like a youngster again by getting him an old fashioned spud gun, or make his day by buying him a flying monkey with a cape! If your dad has always lectured you, saying that Money doesn’t grow on trees, prove him wrong by getting him a Money Does Grow on Trees gift. This is a plant that once grown will reveal a magic bean with the word ‘Money’ printed on it. This cheeky gift will definitely put you in the good books!

If your dad was in his teens or twenties in the 80s then why not bring him back to the days of his youth with 80s themed Father’s Day gifts. There is currently an 80s revival and as a result there are plenty of fun gifts available. A top 80s themed gift is a USB Whack it game. Most people will be aware of the game which has been very popular in arcades for many years. The aim of the game is to whack coloured heads that appear, with a funky 80s soundtrack playing in the background. This is an unbelievably fun present that will have him and his friends in stitches, all for an equally unbelievable low price.

If your dad always seems to be at work, get him Father’s Day gifts for the office to remind him of you and put a smile on his face. You can buy some mugs with a funny slogan for his mid morning coffee. I love deadlines and I love spreadsheets mugs are amongst our personal favourites. Alternatively you could get him something for his desk to cheer him up when work gets stressful, a desktop personalised calendar is ideal, you can even get this printed with the word ‘SuperDad’ on the front, for a really top dad.

You can still buy Father’s Day gifts that are both sentimental and fun. One of the best ways to get a really unique and touching gift is to buy a personalised item. This will make the gift seem particularly individual to him, and will show him you have put thought into the gift. For a cheap yet personal gift, get your dad a personalised Jelly mould. This great gift will liven up any party or meal. For a really meaningful gift get your dad a family portrait day. This gives the whole family a fun day out together and the memory can be captured in a beautiful portrait. This gift requires no stiff or awkward poses, or any boring backgrounds! The shoot is designed to be informal and fun so your family’s true character can shine through.

You can also take your dad on a fun experience day for two for a great bonding experience, plus it is a thoughtful Father’s Day present and a fun day out for you in one! There are plenty of fun and funky experiences to choose from. Be brave and try an adrenalin filled day and show everyone what daredevils you both are. You could try ice climbing, paintballing or the latest craze, Sphering. You and your dad will get strapped in a giant inflatable ball and get rolled down a hill. This wacky and daring sport is great fun and relatively cheap. Alternatively, you could try a sophisticated day of luxury with your dad. Treat him to a West End theatre and meal break or even Lunch for two in Paris. You could also try something fun and unusual like a chocolate making workshop or a water colour painting day with a professional artist.

Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be soppy or boring. There are plenty of Father’s Day gifts online that are fun, funky and funny that he will love. Make sure you move away from the well trodden path of conventional items and search for personalised items, experience days and quirky unusual gifts to put a massive smile on your dad’s face this Fathers Day.

Why Free Lezzie Dating Sites are So Specialised Amongst Online Lezzie Personals

Free lezzie dating sites are favorite hang outs of various people. The ever-increasing fame of these sites is due to its cost-free services for the members along by means of chances of meeting using people from all walks of life. Joining the e-bandwagon of probing their loves online numerous unattached have joined the free lesbian personals sites online in the latest years. Apart from single there are several married persons who are giving themselves a shot by with the services of free lesbian dating sites.

But why are the free leso personals sites so popular? Is it only due to the money you can save by by means of the services? Or there are choice reasons.

It is a Manner to Enter the World Contemporary Cyber dyke dating
The traditions has gone far away from the traditional style of seeking for the love in pubs or bars or nightclubs. People think that they can’t afford to spend much time for this customary behavior of lesbian dating which is less effective. In the customary method, you congregate people then you know them and next comes the time to take decision of early relationship. But, dyke {personals
|dating} via free lesbian dating site goes the choice way. You relations people only after knowing them by reading their profiles. Before you meet up the person face to face, you can talk to them, chat with them and meet up them only if you discover them worth meeting. Isn’t more efficient a method to start a relationship?

Waiting For the Reply? No, not in Free dyke {personals
|dating} Sites…
If you evaluate the traditional lezzie personals methods with that of the free lezzie personals sites, you can locate that a world of variance between equally of them. Before, people would wait for the answer from their potential partner after requesting them or sending them a message. If the reply is yes, they are in essence lucky. Otherwise, they would look for somebody else only after the alternative person denies their request. But, free dyke personals sites are absolutely different. You can exploration the profiles and send messages to more that one people similar your criteria. Indeed, you can decide more than one prospective partner and match up to them to know what will come up from their relation.

Numerous Options with Free Lesbian Personals Sites
Well, the time has come when just about everyone is joining the cyber dyke dating arena. But free dyke personals sites are getting preference over the salaried ones by the Internet users. For this reason, you can get more figure of members from nearly every walk of life on the free dyke dating sites.
When options are numerous, chances are high of getting a appropriate partner.

Top For the Beginners
Similar to any alternative actions of life, online lesbians personals besides needs a lot of practice. While starting with online dyke personals you might have several questions such as ‘how to create profiles?’ ‘how to search people? ‘ ‘ how to break the ice using an important person you like?’ ‘ how to expect somebody for date?’, etc. Free lesbian personals sites are the best platform somewhere you can launch your practice of online lesbians personals without paying a unattached penny for the services.

Take the best lead of free lesbian dating sites and get pleasure from your life out there.

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